brospec-inc brospec-incL.S.W. Wear Parts Ltd. is proud to be an exclusive Maritime dealer for Brospec Inc.

Brospec Inc. is one of Canada's leading manufacturers of wear resistant plates, pipe castings, and custom fabrications, for the mining and pulp and paper industries.

For over thirty years Brospec has produced Fusionbond and ultra-hard abrasion resistant alloy metallurgically bonded to the base metal. Brospec Fusionbond overlays are available in an extensive range of chromium and complex multi-carbide formulations suitable for requirements ranging from extreme impact to super abrasion. These extreme applications are encountered in mining, crushing, quarrying, and cement making.

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With a thorough knowledge of the application and conditions, a special alloy can be created by combining the ideal base metal, granular metal powder and consumable electrode to produce the precise abrasion-resistant properties desired. Brospec can supply the right Fusionbond Plate or Pipe to economically meet your exact requirements. This includes any necessary cutting, machining, forming, fabrication and assembly.


  • Open-pit mining
  • Ore handling
  • Coal-burning power generation plants
  • Quarries
  • Ready-mix plants
  • Heavy constructions equipment
  • Steel Mills


Wear plates and liners for chutes, hoppers, conveyors, mixers, bins, fan blades, vibro-feeders, fan housings, deflector plates. Friction surfaces and wear points on mining, railroad, lumber and heavy construction equipment.


Teeth, plates, bars, pins, buckets, sheaves, heels, shafts, paddles, augera, blades, tampers, slurry pipe, knives, valve seats, wheels rails, crushers, grinders, tracks, spud clamps, hammer mills.

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