clark-tracks L.S.W. Wear Parts Ltd. is proud to announce that they are now an exclusive Maritime dealer for Clark Forestry Tracks.

L.S.W. Wear Parts Ltd. distributes many Clark forestry tracks including:

  • Apex "lite"
  • Terra "lite"
  • Flotation "lite"
  • Super Flotation "lite"


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clark apexclark apex

Apex "lite" represents a totally new development in track design, employing the new "lite" link system together with the innovative Apex track plate. The unique triangular profile of the Apex track plate is self cleaning, thereby ensuring a minimum amount of mud is carried out of the forrest and onto forest roads and offers minimum ground disturbance.

These two new features combine to offer a track which is both kind to the forest and floor roads while offering good drip and traction.

Apex "lite" is available in a wide range of sizes with close or open spaced track plates.


clark 2clark 2

Terra “lite” features a unique double grouser track plate offering exceptional grip and traction in most ground conditions which combined with new “lite” link system offers a high performance track with smooth running and minimal ground disturbance. Designed for use on most sizes and types of forest machines.


clark 15clark 15

Flotation “lite” combines the advantages of the new “lite” link system with the well proven 'F' type Flotation track plate offering tremendous traction and excellent flotation for use on all types of ground conditions. Available in two plate thickness weights F10 (10mm) for smaller machines and F15 (15mm) for larger machines, Flotation “lite” is available for use on most types and sizes of forest machine.


clark 16clark 16

Super Floatation “lite”, a further development of the 'F' series track, is designed for use on large forest machines working in soft ground conditions. The track extends out over either side of the tire offering increased overall track width by up to 50% (i.e. Up to 25% extra with each side). This greatly reduces machine ground pressure whilst still providing excellent traction.

Contact L.S.W. Wear Parts Ltd. for pricing and information.