LSW offers a complete line of blades and accessories for the snow plow market. All edges are precision punched for quick and easy mounting and are produced from only the highest quality steels.

snowplow1snowplow1LSW Plow Blades offer:

  • High carbon steel blades for all makes, models and sizes, featuring excellent balance of abrasion resistance and impact protection
  • Flame Hardened blades in ¾” and 1” thicknesses for increased wear life, leading and trailing surfaces continually sharpen the cutting edge and prevent slivering, cuts ice and compacted snow on the first pass
  • Virgin tungsten carbide inserts are the strongest and most wear-resistant material in the world, carbide inserted blades feature longer wear life than any other type of snow plow blade

snowplow2snowplow2Product Offering:

  • Moldboard Shoes
  • Plow Blades
  • Wing Shoes
  • Nose Pieces

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