Linatex® screen media

Built to deliver outstanding wear performance in the most demanding applications, Linatex® screen media have rightly won a reputation for reliability and long wear life. Linatex® screen media are compatible with a wide range of processing plants, and are fitted as standard equipment on many leading systems across the globe

Linatex® screen media products are made from excellent wear materials

Highly abrasion resistant materials for use in medium to fine aperture and specific wet-sizing applications

Linatex® Premium Rubber
The flagship soft natural rubber compound for which Linatex® rubber products are world renowned. Extremely well suited for wet applications - there is no equivalent.

Linard® Rubber Compounds
Offering a full complement of rubber compounds suitable for the most aggressive and demanding applications. Hardness ranges from 55A to 70A.

Self-Cleaning Rubber
For reduced blinding and plugging, especially when materials are sticky, have a high moisture content, or high percentage of near-size material.

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Modular Systems

Versatile and easy to install, Linatex® modular systems are the best choice for maximizing production and minimizing maintenance

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Materials and sizes Linatex®

modular screen systems are available in rubber, urethane and wire cloth. Many combinations of tapered openings and panel sizes are available, any of which can be combined on the same deck to meet the exact needs of your application. Weir Minerals also offers modular panels in the type, size and fastening style to fit most competitor’s systems.

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Specialty Linatex® Screen Media

Amor® screen

The Armor® screen is a combination of high grade wire cloth with a molded coating of premium polyurethane. This combination of technologies creates screens that have a much higher open area than conventional polyurethane screens and much longer wear life than wire screens.

weir minerals 05 weir minerals 05Heavy duty side-tensioned screen

Linatex® side tension screen surfaces are durable and flexible, allowing it to resist abrasion, corrosion, tearing, chipping and chunking. The side tension screen surfaces are custom molded for your equipment. The screens install just like traditional wire cloth. This means that no modifications are needed to your hardware or tensioning system. Linatex® side tension screen surfaces are offered in a full range of sizes and tapered opening shapes for peak efficiency

weir minerals 06 weir minerals 06Perforated plate screens

Linatex® perforated plate screens are available in a variety of high quality steel alloys (typically ranging from 250 to 480 BHN). Plate screens are best for primary and secondary scalping, and dredge fed applications

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