Metso Wire Media


Increasing capacity and wear life in the most demanding applications



The Metso wire screening media system, Trellex PCL (PolyClean) is the solution you have been waiting for. This wire media enables you to screen your material efficiently even in the most demanding conditions. Even when your feed is sticky or prone to pegging, Trellex PCL will screen it. Combining the wear resistant properties of polyurethane with the open area of wire media, Trellex PCL provides increased wear life and capacity compared to classic wire.

Remark: Available in selected markets, consult your local sales contact.


  • Combines polyurethane and wire for improved process performance
  • Increased wear life compared to traditional classic wire media
  • Increased material throughput versus classic wire media
  • Self cleaning action
  • Virtually eliminating blinding and pegging

Metso also offers a complete range of classic wire media when it comes to openings, wire diameter, metal and weave types to provide you the correct product for your application.

Classic Wire Media

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The benefits to the producer are clear

  • More open area and production can be achieved by using a smaller wire diameter without sacrificing wear life
  • Longer wear life when compared to traditional high carbon alloys with a similar wire diameter
  • Less downtime resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • Increased Production
  • Lower Total Cost of Production
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Ultraloy Metso Trellex has developed ULTRALOY, a new wire alloy for the aggregate industry . Ultraloy wire has the optimum combination of strength, ductility and abrasion resistance. These properties combined with advanced manufacturing processes deliver a product that will produce up to 30% increase in wear life in even the most demanding applications.

Astroloy - Stainless Steel Astroloy is an extremely hard, abrasion and corrosion resistant metal. This metal excels when used in applications where the material is extremely abrasive and chemically corrosive. The smooth surface of the metal prevents material from adhering to it, making it ideal in applications where the material is damp and prone to blinding.