The CAVEX Difference


1997 CAVEX cyclone was first installed and operated in North America with its Patented design. “NO SHARP EDGES”. Full circle 360-degree blend zone to form a “cornerless” vessel. This unique shape reduces turbulence throughout the whole cyclone.


Cavex® CVX

cavex03 cavex03

The Cavex® CVX hydrocyclone consists of a cast housing lined with a variety of wear-resistant materials such as rubber, ceramic, polyurethane among others. The CVX is designed to provide exceptional performance in a wide range of applications.

Key features/benefits

  • Cast or FRP housing for small units
  • Fabricated housings for larger unit
  • Moulded rubber liners up to 50mm thick
  • Sizes up to 1200mm diameter


  • Classification and Separation (Mining)
  • Mine Dewatering Systems
  • Tailings Management
  • Classification and Separation (Aggregates)

Cavex® Dewatering Hydrocyclone

cavex04 cavex04

The Cavex Dewatering Hydrocyclone delivers a consistent underflow density regardless of solid content variation in the feed. Advanced and proven high efficiency is attributed to the innovative operation of the discharge regulator or fishtail.

Key Benefits:

  • Higher density in the underflow
  • Easy to mount on high structures
  • Discharged of solids is


  • Coal fines dewatering
  • Dewatering mine tailings
  • Sand washing and dewatering
  • Desliming processes
  • Heavy mineral processing
  • Degritting wastewater effluents