L.S.W. Wear Parts offers a complete line of cutting edges and end bits for all makes of dozers, graders, scrapers, loaders and snow plows. ESCO blade products provide quality and value. Precision manufacture ensures easy installation with improved safety.

Insist on ESCO blades for all your loader, excavator, dozer and grader needs. ESCO rolled steel blades are available in a variety of materials to best match the application.

  • ForgeTemp® steel is recommended for high-abrasion, low-impact conditions. The high carbon steel provides a balance between wear and impact resistance.
  • MaxTemp® steel is a heat treated, through-hardened steel that delivers protection against breakage in high impact conditions.

E3® Tungsten Carbide embedded and inserted blades offer a significant increase in wear life over conventional steel products. Designed for low impact, high abrasive conditions, E3 products are guaranteed to offer cost effective service in factory recommended applications.


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ESCO front end loader edges fit all makes and models. Rolled steel cutting edges and segments are available in both Flat DoubleDuty and Flat Double Bevel sections. The unique design and digging characteristics of the DoubleDuty section, provides basic edge protection, improves penetration, and increases resistance to impact breakage.


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Produced in premium Special Application MaxTemp alloy, Modified Vee base edges improve penetration, and help distribute loads, reducing stress on lifting arms. ESCO Modified Vee base edges can be ordered with or without bolt-edges or with segments and teeth.


In any digging conditions, LSW guarantees to have the right edge combination to maximize performance

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dozer-blades01dozer-blades01ESCO dozer products are hard at work at construction sites, mining operations, road and highway projects and industrial applications throughout the world. ESCO manufactures precision engineered blades and end bits all popular dozers.

  • Precision punched for easy installation
  • E3 tungsten carbide embedded versions for extreme abrasion
  • Custom configurations available to meet special needs
  • Hot cupped end bits with drop-corners are thicker throughout
  • Self-sharpening for maximum penetration
  • Straight type end bits are also available for smooth, level cuts.

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grader01grader01Complete line of curved double bevel (CDB) cutting edges for every make and model. Sizes range from 1/2" x 6" for light grading up to heavy-duty 1" x 8" CDB section for greater wear life.

  • Surface hardened (up to 62RC) grader cutting edges provides maximum wear resistance in low impact conditions
  • XHD flat grader blades are available in sizes 3/4" x 8" through 3" x 13" FDB
  • E3 tungsten carbide embedded or inserted versions for extreme abrasion
  • Select serrated grader blades when working in frozen or hard packed ground conditions

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ESCO’s Infinity 2000 system is an innovative road maintenance product that replaces conventional grader blade set-ups. The system uses replaceable rotating tungsten carbide bits mounted in adapter board that acts as a cutting edge.


  • Lasts as long as 5 to 15 sets of standard grader blades
  • Easy installation for more uptime
  • Reduces dust and brings larger gravel particles to the top of the road surface
  • Available in 3’ and 4’ lengths and mount using existing moldboard holes
  • Carbide end protectors are also available

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blade-end-bitsblade-end-bitsESCO also offers All-Cast products for large dozers and motor graders to withstand the toughest impact and abrasive conditions.

All-Cast blades and end bits are available for Cat D8 through D11 dozers and Komatsu D375 dozers, and All-Cast blades are available for Cat 16G and 24H motor graders.

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