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L.S.W. Wear Parts Ltd., can supply all your ground engaging wear parts needs. We distribute a full line of wear parts from ESCO.

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For decades, ESCO has designed and manufactured durable wearparts and attachments for construction, mining, logging, and other demanding applications.

Their engineers and field technicians know what you're up against. They are there with you and have solutions for your applications. Customers around the world have come to rely on innovative ESCO products for durability, reliability, and economic advantage.

Ultralok teeth, the cutting edge in tooth technology, comes standard on all their buckets.

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Blades2 Blades2 L.S.W. Wear Parts Ltd., can supply all your ground engaging wear parts needs. We distribute a full line of wear parts from ESCO.

Quality and value are what ESCO tooth equipment is all about. Using sophisticated computer technology, coupled with extensive field trials, our engineers and metallurgists have come up with a line of teeth that stay sharp, wear long and offer a balance of hardness and toughness that is unmatched in the industry today. No longer do customers have to trade wear life for penetration. Keep your machines working in the field. Insist on ESCO tooth equipment for all your digging and ripping needs.

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ESCO Bucyrus: Max DRP

MaxDRP Teeth

  • Reinforced box section
  • Ribbed bit for strength and self sharpening
  • Tapered tip for maximum penetration
  • Contoured tip for sharpness out of the box
  • Heavy-duty wear shoe for extended wear life
  • Flared bit section for greater box protection
  • A92 alloy

ESCO Bucyrus: Cutting Edges

Grader Components

  • Complete line of curved double bevel (CDB) cutting edges for every make and model
  • CDB sizes range from 1/2" x 6" for light grading up to our heavy-duty 1" x 8" CDB section for greater wear life
  • Full line of regular and overlay end bits
  • Surface hardened grader cutting edges with surface hardness up to 62 RC, provides maximum wear resistance
  • Recommended for low impact conditions
  • XHD flat grader blades are available in sizes 3/4" x 8" through 3" x 13" FDB
  • Select serrated grader blades when working in frozen or hard packed ground conditions

Excavator Components

  • Proven toughness against impact
  • Bevel edge is roll-forged or machine beveled, not flame cut
  • Steel alloys are wear resistant, with good welding characteristics
  • Bolt-on cutting edges and weld-on replaceable base edges for all classes of excavators

Because of the versatility and breakout force of today’s modern excavators, Bucyrus Blades recommends using only MaxTemp® or Special Application MaxTemp through-hardened, heat-treated steel alloys for best performance.
Bucyrus Blades™ steel alloys are specifically designed for the toughest environments.

Regular Blade

ForgeTemp steel is designed for high abrasion, low impact conditions. This high carbon steel alloy provides a balance between wear resistance and impact breakage. The steel is specially prepared in the mill to create the highest forging quality steel. ForgeTemp products are available in OEM standard, heavy-duty, extra heavy-duty, and Magnum® designs.

MaxTemp® Steel
MaxTemp steel is a heat-treated, through-hardened steel that delivers maximum protection against breakage in the toughest high-impact applications. Designed for the most demanding jobs, all MaxTemp products are guaranteed against impact breakage. MaxTemp products are available in OEM standard, heavy-duty, and extra heavy-duty designs.

Carbide Blade

Carbide Plus™ Steel

Bucyrus Blades™ Carbide Plus embedded wear products, offer a significant increase in wear life over conventional steel products. Designed for low impact, high abrasive conditions, Bucyrus Blades Carbide Plus products are guaranteed to offer cost effective service in factory recommended applications.


  • Infinity wear protection is a highly abrasion resistant chrome white iron casting developed to extend the wear life of metal components found on mobile and fixed plant equipment
  • Infinity bimetallic products perform best in highly abrasive, moderate impact conditions
  • Infinity wear protection is easily attached by welding the soft backing plate to the surface of the wear area
  • Available in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes of buttons, blocks and runners

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