aquiline-tire-chainsaquiline-tire-chainsL.S.W. Wear Parts Ltd. offers you a variety of tire chains specifically for ice and snow traction.

All custom built Aquiline tire chains feature hardened steel side chains, easy to use boomer style side chain fasteners and heavy duty cross chain hooks. Cam tightner side chains are also available upon request. Aquiline tire chains are available for trucks, tractors, graders, loaders, and other heavy equipment.

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The Claw cross chain is manufactured from a special case hardened wire that is round on one side to protect the tire and sharp on its opposite side to produce an aded bite for increased traction. Its sharp edges provide improved traction without damage to the road. Available in 2 or 4 link spacing.


Talon studded cross chains are manufactured from specialty designed allot steel, case hardened for added durability. Robotically fused double studs provide the ultimate in off-road traction. Assembled Talon chais feature strong, easy to use boomer style end fasteners to help cinch chains tight and keep them secure.


Predator square link cross chains provide for better traction than traditional twisted round wire. For on or off road use, these chains are available in 2 or 4 link spacing and come with easy to use boomer end fasteners. They are reversable for longer life.


Aquiline™ Tire Chains are also available in two pre-assembled models.

Compact Utility Tractor chains provide excellent traction when clearance is an issue. These are aggressive, yet won't damage asphalt when used for snow removal. Manufactured from hardened alloy steel in a square link design with wear bars. These chains are durable and light, and won't fall between tire lugs.


Aquiline™ Tire Chains are also available in two pre-assembled models.

Aquiline™ Studded Grader/Loader chains feature Talon cross chains which are assembled in an h-pattern, These chains are case hardened for on or off road use where aggressive traction is needed. Available in 10mm and 13mm.