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ESCO Bucket

Scoop the Competition with Esco Attachments

L.S.W. Wear Parts can supply all of your attachment needs. We distribute a full line of ESCO premium buckets, hydraulic couplers, thumbs and accessories. ESCO construction attachments are field-proven to provide quality, value and increased site safety.

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Scoop the Competition with Esco Excavator Buckets


bucket-hdpThe HDP bucket provides maximum capacity and is one of ESCO’s most popular designs, providing exceptional performance when excavating dense clay or earth with sand and gravel. The HDP is a durable bucket with excellent value that provides increased production with less maintenance and downtime.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultralok® tooth equipment delivers optimum digging performance
  • Triple-taper basket design ensures fast, full loading, and clean dumping
  • One-piece side reinforcing plates provide structural integrity
  • 400 Brinell full width bottom wear runner and corner wear protection
  • Strong formed beam provides torsion resistance
  • Cast alloy wing shrouds protect the structural side plates


bucket-xdpThe XDP bucket is designed for moderate to heavy abrasion in tough shot rock applications. The XDP bucket delivers superior performance and reliability you need when excavating in demanding conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • 400 BHN full width bottom runner and side wear strips for maximum protection
  • Premium T-1 plate lip provides durability and longer wear life
  • Ultralok tooth system increases penetration and reliability
  • Front formed beam protects the bucket from torsion and flexing
  • Triple taper design for easier loading and cleaner dumping
  • Corner gussets increase structural strength in high-stress areas

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ESCO PosiGrab® Hydraulic Coupler

coupler-posigrab1aESCO’s PosiGrab Coupler was designed to provide simplified use for the machine operator and to optimize site safety. All operations to pick-up or release attachments are done without leaving the safety of the cab, including the visual confirmation that the front and rear locking mechanisms are properly engaged.

Greater Safety

  • Natural position of the coupler is locked
  • Forced hydraulic pressure required to release lock mechanisms
  • Front and rear locks are visible from the cab

Improved Reliability

  • Highly engineered to reduce stress
  • Precision manufactured to exacting quality standards
  • Premium materials used throughout


  • Attachment pick-up and release completed from the cab
  • Excellent visibility to engage the front and rear pins
  • Will pick up attachments within the same machine weight class

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Toplok® Lip Shrouds

shrouds1L.S.W. Wear Parts offers ESCO Toplok shrouds to fit a wide range of lips for wheel loaders, load haul dump machines, hydraulic face shovels, hydraulic excavators, dragline buckets and shovel dippers.

ESCO Toplok shrouds are field proven, fully-mechanical shroud system consisting of a pin, boss and shroud. The Toplok system provides excellent lip protection, while allowing easy penetration.

  • Standard on all ESCO Loadmaster® cast and plate lips
  • Suitable for plate lips thickness 50mm to 160mm
  • Suitable for plate wings 40mm to 140mm
  • Lip and wing options available for specific machines

Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy replacement in the field
  • Full protection provides longer lip life
  • Reliable and secure Toplok pin system
  • Unique design does not use holes in the lip for reduced chance of cracking
  • Maximum lip protection while maintaining superior penetration
  • Increased shroud life with premium ESCO alloys
  • Increased shroud life with ESCO alloy 12S

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ESCO Thumb Products

thumb-1The ESCO line of thumb products complements ESCO buckets and provides increased versatility. The ESCO thumb package offers a choice of products to handle all material retention needs and makes any excavator more productive.

Universal Rigid Thumb

  • High grade T-1 steel used in critical components
  • Three working positions for more versatility
  • Integrated design stores in one unit
  • Three or four tine option
  • Center tines recessed to cradle objects for a better grip
  • Adjustment is accomplished by moving a single pin, reducing downtime

Hydraulic Thumb

thumb-2Non-linkage style – the hydraulic cylinder is pinned directly to the thumb. Thumb rotation is up to 120°
Linkage style – the progressive linkage between the cylinder and thumb gives the ESCO hydraulic thumb more complete rotation, up to 180°

  • Heavy gussets and reinforcements for long life
  • Serrated teeth with webbing gives more gripping action
  • Large diameter pins and bushings provide durability
  • Thumbs are matched to bucket eliminate interference
  • Heavy-duty stops protect cylinders from damage
  • Premium T-1 steel is used in critical components for added strength

Thumb Hydraulic Kits

  • thumb-3Foot pedal or joystick control
  • Heavy wall tubing with welded JIC fittings
  • Extra heavy-duty cast clamp assemblies to stabilize tubing
  • Premium quality hoses with guards
  • High pressure shut-off protection
  • All mounting hardware, brackets, tubes, hoses and controls

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